TIP: Office 2016 – Animations

This tip can be used for Office 2013 also.

I don’t know about you, but I started to feel a little queezy when I first used Excel 2013.  When scrolling, the grid would fade in and out and look like a complete mess of fuzzy blackness on the screen.  I have a lovely pair of HD monitors that make the text and lines nice and crisp.  This animation madness just removes that clean look, delaying data input and making me feel ill…

There is a way to sort it.  I found the instructions and I sorted it.

Now that I have just updated to Office 365 Business Premium, Excel 2016 has been installed.  Guess what!! Microsoft have decided that I want the animations back.  Clearly I am missing out on something by not having them.  Well, I have just disabled the animations and do you know; it looks much better without!

Strangely, this is not a fix through Office.  This is a fix via the Windows User Interface.

  1. Start Control Panel
  2. Click “Ease of Use”
  3. Click “Use the computer without a display” (don’t ask me why it’s here!  I didn’t write Windows)
  4. Select “Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)”
  5. Click OK

There’s no reason to restart Windows it will just work – and soooo much better!

This will affect all programs that use this animation functionality – Word, Powerpoint, etc.  I haven’t found any other (non Microsoft?) programs that this affects.

Have fun folks.



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