Finally, CAAOS has a Blog

“…about time too..!” I hear some of you exclaim.

This is going to be a little place where we can throw some thoughts, some advisories or any sort of informational outpouring to you, our lovely customers.

I am sorry it has taken a while, but now we have it.

Please don’t expect daily comments or ideas of national importance. When thoughts and time come together in that perfect storm of creativity, we will document them here for your perusal.

I will investigate RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) so that you can keep up to date with our musings.

Please accept all grammatical and spelling errors as us just being human and busy. You are welcome to point them out.

The “prettiness” may take a little while (we aren’t a website chop shop), but the content will start to build at least.

And, please comment.  We would love to hear your thoughts on what we have to say or what you would like to hear us say!

Speak soon,


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